•  Rapid turnaround of urgent projects helps realize more revenue for your business

•  Experience expediting estate and trust administrations encompassing several states

•  Federal and state estate tax returns and exhibits prepared, assembled and mailed in a timely manner

•  Research and writing skills for drafting pleadings, fee declarations and settlements

•  Client meeting and document signings at your client's convenient location

•  Contract paralegal services in your office as needed

•  Traveling Notary Services

•  Task based communications with appraisers, insurance reps, brokers, and CPAs

•  Billing for services coordinated with your client billing schedule

•  Legal staff training in probate, trust and tax procedures

•  Document management and indexing


•  GEMS fiduciary accounting, estate and gift tax planning program

•  CAPS, California wills and trusts drafting system

•  EPS, Estate Practice Systems for Windows, FATE accounting and FET tax preparation programs

•  FATE/FET for DOS (legacy records)


•  Lexis/Nexis database access

•  Hot Docs Judicial Council Forms

•  Estate Valuation and Pricing Systems EVP Office

•  Turbo Tax

•  Microsoft Office (Excel and Word proficient

•  WordPerfect

•  Martin Dean's "Essential Forms," CEB Online

•  Plus your preferred software


•  Email, Web, FTP

•  Facsimile

•  Cell Phone

•  Microsoft Outlook

•  Personal or FedEx document delivery


•  California Decedent Estates Practice (CEB)

•  California Conservatorships and Guardianships (CEB)

•  Trust Funding and Administration (CAW)

•  PPC'a Tax Desk Book 706/709

•  Legal Professionals Hand Book (TRG)

•  Local Court Rules

•  California Codes

Fast and efficient case turnaround resulting in
satisfied clients and accelerated profit for your firm.