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Cindy Madden, Paralegal Services to Attorneys


Cindy Madden, Paralegal Services to Attorneys

Summary of qualifications
  • Over Twenty-Five Years of Experience Providing Estate Planning, Post Death Administration and Tax Paralegal Services.
  • Education, Experience And CLE Exceeds The Qualifications Established For Paralegals By California Business & Professions Code §6450.
  • Notary Public.


1997 - Current

Cindy Madden - Paralegal Services to Attorneys, Pacifica, CA
Paralegal and Owner: Prepare fiduciary accountings, conservatorship accountings, and probate accountings, prepare estate tax returns and gift tax returns, prepare asset allocations and trustee minutes. Draft trusts, wills, amendments, notices, asset transfer and funding documents, deeds and assessor forms (PCORS). Research, write, prepare and file pleadings with California probate courts, prepare Judicial Council Forms, and work with court research attorneys to perfect filings. Use software related to the practice of planning, tax and post death administration such as GEMS, FAST TAX, EPS for Windows, FATE, FET, Hot Docs, Legal Solutions, CAPS, CEB ONLAW, Thomson Estate and Gift Tax Treatises, EVP Valuation Software, and most billing programs.

Paralegal services engaged with the following law firms:

- Law Offices of Minda B. Parrish, Saratoga, Prepared accountings and drafted pleadings for conservatorship, trust, and probate matters in Santa Clara County probate venue; prepared deeds and assessor transfer forms. Assisted Minda B. Parrish.


2009 - Krashna Law Firm, Oakland, Managed probate administration and prepared accounting, Alameda County probate venue. Assisted Omar Krashna.


2009 - LawOffices of Walter Angus MacDonald, Jr, San Jose, Prepared five year/five trust fiduciary accounting for trustee to beneficiaries, including charities; drafted probate pleadings for San Diego County probate venue; prepared conservatorship and elder abuse pleadings for San Mateo County probate venue. Assisted Walter A. MacDonald.


2008 - Freeland Cooper & Foreman LLP, San Francisco, Prepared trust funding, post-death administration pleadings, asset allocations, probate filings and conservatorship accountings. Assisted Partner Kate Freeland.


2007-2008 - Heller Ehrman LLP, San Francisco,
Managed post-death administration, conservatorship and other entity administrations, prepared asset allocations, probate court/trust filings, estate tax returns, gift tax returns, research and writing. Trained support staff. Assisted Shareholders Richard J Guggenhime and Michael Burnstein


2004-2007– Folger Levin & Kahn LLP, San Francisco,
Estate tax returns, probate accountings, asset allocations, managed ancillary (New Zealand) administration for a $22M probate, managed yacht sale; attended to trust funding, drafted deeds, wills, amendments, Crummey Notices. Trained associates on software applications. Assisted Partners Janice Lawrence and Ken Hillier and four associates.


2002-2004– Hopkins & Carley, San Jose,
Prepared trust accounting, asset allocations and estate tax returns for tri-state trust administration (Ill, Fla, Cal). Assisted Shareholder James V. Quillinan.


1998-2002– Quillinan & Luce LLP, Mountain View, Prepared probate, trust, conservatorship accountings and pleadings for Santa Clara and San Mateo County probate venues; asset allocations and estate tax returns for tri-state trust administration. Assisted Partners James V. Quillinan and James G. Luce.


1995-97– Bruce B. Roberts, Inc., Menlo Park, CA
Planning and Probate Paralegal - Met with high net worth clients and their agents. Drafted revocable and irrevocable trusts, wills, DPAs, trust funding documents and deeds, asset allocations. Prepared corporate minutes and share transfer ledgers. Assisted with separate property purchases for ILITs, drafted Crummey letters, and prepared SS-4 applications, pleadings, estate tax and gift tax returns, probate and conservatorship accountings. Created training materials for customized drafting software.


1992-95 – Galligan & Biscay, APC, San Mateo, CA
Probate, Trusts and Estate Planning Paralegal – Managed the probate and conservatorship caseload. Drafted Judicial Council Forms, pleadings, and accountings customized per local court rules. Interviewed clients, prepared inventories, engaged probate referees, prepared deeds. Managed the firm’s trust account, issued checks. Drafted wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.


1994-95 Justice Robert F. Kane Judicial Services, San Mateo, CA
Independent Contractor - Document management and indexing.


1991– Cotchett, Illston & Pitre, Burlingame, CA
Administrative Paralegal - Set up CLE compliance, court admittance.


1984-90– Madden Works, Pacifica, CA
Principal - Provided clerical, bookkeeping, fiduciary accounting and marketing services to clients; 1990 – Coordinator, Pfeiffer for Judge Campaign; Recruited, maintained database, and composed memorandum.


1983-84– Hession, Creedon, et al., San Mateo, CA
Paralegal – Interviewed estate planning and family law clients, gathered asset information, and engaged experts for appraisals. Prepared pleadings and served process.


1982-1983– San Mateo County Family Support Dept., Redwood City, CA
Paralegal – Assisted deputy district attorneys performing paternity investigations, calculated arrearage, negotiated support payment agreements, drafted pleadings and enforcement documents.


1980-82 – Coast Side Opportunity Center, Half Moon Bay, CA
Trainer/Counselor – Taught job search techniques to inmates at the Sheriff’s Honor Camp and to community residents. Developed job sites. Client advocacy.


Attend CLE in Trusts & Estates regularly.

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
Probate, Trusts and Estate Planning and Family Law
Paralegal Certificate Refresher Courses.

Canada College, Redwood City, CA
Probate, Trusts and General Practice Curriculum.
Paralegal Certificate.

Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL Court and Social Services; Minors Psychology, Sociology. Bachelor of Science.

Professional Memberships

Silicon Valley Bar Association (SVBA); Paralegal Association of Santa Clara County (PASCCO); San Francisco Paralegal Association (SFPA); California Alliance of Paralegal Associations (CAPA); National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA); National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA).